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Weekend trip

Weekend trip - Robert Kenyon

Last weekend, I took a trip up North, to Gravenhurst. I visited my sister and her family. My sister's birthday was coming up. Plus, I wanted to introduce my girlfriend to the rest of the family. I knew my mother would be there as well, so I thought of it as the perfect occasion for them to meet.

My sister moved to Muskoka seven years ago, when her husband got a good job over there.

At the beginning she was not thrilled at all about moving out of Toronto. She could not picture herself living outside of the city. She was worried that the schools were not good, that she would not make friends, that winter would be even harsher, and so on... In a nutshell, she was terrified.

Now, after almost eight years of living over there, she is a totally different person. She is calmer, more relaxed. She enjoys spending more time outdoors than before, even during the cold winter days. Even she acknowledged the move was a beneficial change for the entire family. It was definitely a step forward in her husband's career, but it turned out into a great life changer for my sister.

A few years back, she decided to return to school and she took evening classes. This year, she will graduate the University of Nippissing with a major in Psychology. Well, I guess she will be the first person with a Bachelor degree in our family. Going to school, made her be more open-minded and less judgemental.

When we got there, around six in the evening, the entire family was gathered inside the garage. My brother in law was showing them his new toy: a hobby cnc cutting table. It looked so funny to see them all, from young to old, watching the machine at work. The expression on my mom's face was priceless: she was standing next to my sister, with a bored grin on her face, wishing that demonstration was shorter. Mom had given up smoking recently, and because of it, she became more impatient than three years old.

As soon as she saw us, she put a big smile on her face, and gave us both a hug. I teased her saying that she was happy that we interrupted my brother’s in law demonstration. I didn't get to finish my sentence that she gave me a slap on my shoulder. That was her way of saying I needed to keep it quiet, and not reveal she had no interest in his new machine.

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