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Pyjama day

Pyjama day - Robert Kenyon

When I opened my eyes this morning I had the impression I slept for two months and woke up to a gloomy November day. It was cloudy, raining and cold. It felt as if someone fast forwarded the days in the calendar. I was anxious to have my birthday coming up, but I did not like the cold temperatures. I was not ready for it. To be honest, I am never ready for autumn or winter, despite the fact that I have lived here most of my life.

I had a look at the window and went back to bed. It was not inspiring me to do anything but being lazy the whole day, which I did. I spent my entire day in pyjamas. I did not need to go outside. Groceries were done, I had at home everything I needed: food and a stable Internet connection.

I got so addicted to the Internet in the past years that I can not imagine what I would do one day if it would go away. During the weekend I usually spend around three hours per day online. Today I broke my record, meaning that I abused it. I was online for almost eight straight hours. I checked my emails, I bought some things on Amazon, I read some product reviews before making the purchases, I watched some videos and a short old movie, I talked with my friends on Skype and I wrote a post in this blog. 

While I was googling about a certain type of Handrails Longueuil, I got a call from my brother. He tried convincing me to go out and meet him for lunch. He did not stand a chance. I invite him to go grab some food and come over, but he did not want to stay inside. He was on flying mode. 

It was a good thing I stayed home today. It gave me the chance to go through a lot of the emails that I had to answer. I had postponing writing back to some of my family members, thinking that I would find the time to call them. Talking is always easier than writing. Especially when it is a touchy subject like my sister’s divorce. 

So far I managed to keep myself away from all that madness and I would love to have the things staying this way. If I could avoid getting caught up in this drama until the end of the year, everything would be great.

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