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My first tornado

My first tornado - Robert Kenyon

Seven hours and a half of being on the road, driving through drizzle, rain, fog and heavy rain is more than enough to get me exhausted. When I finally reached my destination in Minneapolis, I barely had the energy to take out the luggages out of the car’s trunk and carry all of them into my aunt’s house. When she asked me to park the car inside her garage, I initially refused her invitation, but she insisted that I had to do it. I confirmed and put the car in the garage. Likely I did.

Half an hour later, the cell phones started to beep one after the other; we were receiving text messages from the government about the severe weather heading our way. When I first read the text message I imagined it was a joke. It said there was a tornado coming our way and we had to take shelter immediately. For a few seconds I did not take it seriously. 

When my aunt came running down the stairs saying the same thing as the message I had received, I understood it was real. I was surprised that Minnesota was getting tornados. I had no idea. As far as I knew Oklahoma was the place where they had many tornados, not Minnesota.

As we were waiting in the basement for the tornado to pass, I inquired my aunt how often had she seen tornados in her city. She replied that was her third time. 

Last year her husband actually saw a tornado touch ground while he was driving back home. The winds were so strong, that he was thrown on the ditch. According to him, it was better in the ditch than being uplifted and drawn into the twister. Today, he arrived home just ten minutes before the moment when the heavy rain and gusts of wind picked up. He rushed into the house shouting he witnessed a tornado in the county of Nicollet.

He was drenched and worried. He urged us to stay away from the windows in order to be safe. He explained that during the last year’s tornado, one of his friends’ house was hit by the storm. One of the trees next to his house was uprooted and debris were thrown into his windows causing lots of damages. 

We listened to him and moved the couch towards the opposite wall, which was underground. We imagined that was the safest spot in the entire house. My aunt handed me a drink and asked me what happened with my private mortgage lender, if I was approved or not for the loan.

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