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Jackie's Father's Truck

Jackie's Father's Truck - Robert Kenyon

I remember that morning when I was young, I received a call from Jackie, who had invited me to his house for lunch. As I was getting bored at home, I got ready and left for Jackie's place. Jackie lives a few blocks away from my home, so took my bicycle and rode it to his house.

Jackie is a very good friend of mine, and we often hangout together. He's off and on keep me inviting to his home for parties or dinners, etc. I've been to his home several times, but I never got a chance to meet his father. The main reason for that is that his father is rarely home, usually gone on errands. His father is in the transportation business, and is mostly on motorways driving his truck. Jackie, loves his father and whenever his father is at home, Jackie gives him most of the time he got. 

Upon reaching Jackie's house, I saw his father's car in the driveway and I was really surprised to see it. As I said, I never saw his father at home before that day. Anyhow, I was little nervous as it was the first time I was going to meet him, and I didn't know how his father would respond to my arrival. Anyhow, his father was really pleased to meet me, and he sat down with us and did a lot of chit chat about ordinary stuff.

After dinner when I was about to leave, I told his father that I had never seen his truck. Is it possible that some day he can take me and show how it feels to be inside it? Jackie's father laughed at my innocence and he said why wait? "Let's go now and let me take you for a ride on my truck," he said. I left my bicycle there and went towards the dock with their car. Upon reaching the dock, Jackie and I sat inside the truck and his father drove for a few miles so that we can enjoy the truck ride. 

His father also started to explain all the functions of major buttons and how to control the truck during the drive. He also explained how a truck is controlled better at a dock. He told us that with the latest truck restraint systems, a truck is handled really safely and properly at a dock. After that ride, uncle dropped me at home. I really enjoyed the lunch and the truck both. Well, I know... I forgot my bicycle at his place.

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