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Genealogy Is Much Easier To Do On The Internet

Genealogy Is Much Easier To Do On The Internet - Robert Kenyon

I never loved history in school. I guess I am not good with all those kings, dates and wars. I learned everything I needed but with no enjoyment at all. I believe history wasnot my favorite, but with time I realized I was wrong. What I don't love is the official narrative or history with big characters, big events and big disasters.

On the other hand, I am very interested in more grounded history. I like to discover how ordinary people lived, where and why. I love to explore their habits and stories. I prefer ordinary everyday objects than golden crowns and exquisite monuments.

My parents were great fans of family history. They usually told me stories about my ancestry. I have seen all of our black and white pictures with people in strange clothes posing for the camera. There are several objects in our home—not partocularly valuable or extraordinary—but memories related to our ancestry that we keep like the most precious treasure.

A couple of years ago genealogy attracted me. I made my family tree long ago, but it was very primitive. There was much information missing and I knew some of the information I had was probably wrong. I started researching and I found a book about genealogy.

I used this book to improve my family tree and I found it very challenging. I managed to find my ancestry going back up to two hundred years. My parents were also thrilled. They showed our family tree to some of our relatives and friends and they all liked it too. So, before I knew, I was working on some other's family trees.

I do not create family trees for a living, although I heard there are some people that do that. Genealogy is still my hobby, but who knows? Maybe someday I will become professional too. If I do, I am sure I could say I joined for business and pleasure.

Right now I am working for a friend of mine. She wants to find out more details about her mother's family. I found out that they originate from Toronto. It is interesting where research can get you. In this case I started in New York, went to Chicago, and then to Toronto. I typed SEO Toronto in the computer to find some information I needed for this family tree. I just wonder where next step will bring me. Who knows? I might even visit another continent, at least online.

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