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Biometrics - Robert Kenyon

A few good years back, I gave up the habit of watching the news or reading the newspaper. I found them all negative, and full of useless information. I knew that the mass media was not broadcasting the real news, and that it was all a big cover up. A big distraction from the real problems that our society, or the world, was confronting with.

I told to myself if that if it was something big happening, I would hear about it anyway. I might have given up on the TV and the news, but my neighbours, friends or family didn’t. Thus, I relied on them for my daily updates. Not that I really needed them, but I had no choice but listening to them.

Some days, I would listen to them debating certain topics that made the news, looking for the pros and cons, taking things so personally, and yet still missing the point, that everything was an illusion. That they were trapped in this daydream which was preventing them from seeing the big picture, meaning we were the fuel for the big corporations which were running the world.

Last night, I went to bed early and I woke up around midnight. I was still sleepy, but unfortunately, I was unable to fall asleep again. After half an hour of counting sheep’s and staring at the ceiling, I left the bed and went to the living room. I turned on my tablet, checked my emails, replied to two of my Edmonton asphalt customers and then, went on the RT.com website in order to see what happened in the world during the past month.

I like RT because they seem to present a more accurate version of the news. They are not objective when it comes to Russia, but otherwise, they are the first ones to report what happens within US. Once in a blue moon, I would have a look at Press TV for the missing half of the news not reported or broadcasted.

While I was zig zag reading the headlines on the RT page, I was surprised to see that biometric authentication has become a reality. They might say that is preventing identity theft, but I still believe that it is only the beginning of a hidden agenda that is being pushed on by the big guys. Banks turning to biometrics is one of many measures or steps leading to the stripping of the population of its rights.

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