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Asthma attack

Asthma attack - Robert Kenyon

I always knew that there was something wrong about the air in my house. I always wondered about the fact that our entire building wasn't clean and there was something bad about the air floating around. My doubt turned into reality when my son had an asthma attack.

It was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. He was unable to breathe. I once thought that I would not be able to save him. He was playing in the garden of the building and I was watching him from the gallery. Suddenly he stopped playing with the football and fell to the ground. I screamed and went downstairs to see what was wrong. He couldn’t breathe. He was trying to take long breaths but he was unable to do that.

I took him to an emergency. They gave him some oxygen. I relaxed a bit when the doctor told me that my son had an asthma attack. I was shocked. How could this be possible? How could a little boy get into such huge problem?

I asked the doctor about the reasons behind this issue. He told me that dust, pollen particles, allergies and several other cleanliness issues can cause this problem to the child. I suddenly realized that it was the air of the building whose quality was questionable.

I came back with my son later that night. I talked to my neighbours residing in the building and we decided to get the building checked by a company of air quality testing  in Montreal.  We did some research and finally found a good one.

The team of professionals arrived at the building with their cleaning and dust collection units and systems. They tested the air quality of the building and sent the reports the next day. The main reason of the bad air quality was that our building was located near a massive industrial unit. The factory used to emit a lot of dangerous gases which were actually affecting the health of too many people.

They cleaned the building but asked all the building residents to take essential precautionary measures when sending their kids out of the house. They suggested the use of masks for maximum time outside the house. In addition, they suggested not allowing the children to play in the garden because the emissions from a nearby factory were too strong and damaging for the health of residents.

We then followed the measures religiously so that no other child in the building might have to face such a bad issue.

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